VITO Fashion - latvian manufacturer of knitted fabrics. Knitwear wholesale from the manufacturer.


The VITO-GROUP has been founded in 1997. We have more than 17 years of experience in fashionable, elegant and high-quality women's clothing production. 

Our company started its roots in Israel, since 2004 the company has been working in Latvia. We have our own store and production line located in Riga. In 2014 we celebrated 10 years of our company's successful business in Baltic region. 


We have two trademarks - VITO FASHION and VITO EXCLUSIVE, each one follows all the latest fashion trends.

Beauty and Elegance 

We produce four collections per year. Our strength is in a team of like-minded people who love what they are doing.

We constantly take part in world-leading fashion events and exhibitions in Paris, Moscow, New York and Munich.

Our products

Our products are available at the stores of our re-sellers in Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, United States, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria.

VITO-GROUP cooperate with leading manufacturers from Germany, Italy and France who are supplying us with their finest materials and hardware.

We use modern production line where all latest fashion technologies are being used. Company has it's own production of digital prints and design department. 

Our team of designers visits all leading trade shows and exhibition, while developing new collection our designers tend to follow all latest fashion trends.



SIA “Vito- Group” ir noslēdzis līgumu Nr. L-ĀTA-15-2974 ar LIAA par projekta “  Mārketinga aktivitātes ārējo tirgu apgūšanai 2015. gadā uzņēmuma ražotās produkcijas eksporta apjomu palielināšanai” īstenošanu.